I haven’t thought about camp at all much since the summer ended. The morning after staff banquet, I woke up early, packed the last of my things, did a half-ass job cleaning the Men’s & Ladies’ Rooms, hung out with Micah for a half hour, and bolted out of town. No good-byes or good lucks for anyone — not even the remnants of the super senior staff strewn throughout the couches, bed frames, and floor of the Lounge.

I wasn’t in any kind of rush. I didn’t have to be anywhere in particular, but I’m terrible at this part. I’m not good with “until we meet again” and “I’m sorry for all the shit we went through.” I’m great at initiating conversation on any topic, but goodbyes ain’t one of em. Plus, I wasn’t sure how about half the staff felt about me at the time, so I took the quick and quiet route and was on the road before 90% of them had even poured themselves out of bed.

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“We’re Number 1!”

I got up early this morning and couldn’t wait until after the Pats game. But there shouldn’t be too much surprise as to who I gave the top spot to. Sorry, Fish. It’s not the video. Put it online and it might get a shout-out, though. Here’s #1…

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The List Rolls On

Sorry I couldn’t get the next installment out faster. Are you ready for the rest of the list? Dig in!

4) The Polo Bowl
This doesn’t rank high for the quality of the game so much as it does for the quality of the atmosphere. Admittedly, when I first heard that Leon and Bubba wanted to rent stadium lighting and play Senior Waterpolo at night, I was skeptical. The risks of EEE and evening temperature drops seemed too extreme just to see polo in the dark. But once the lights went up and the first whistle blew, I knew I had been mistaken. With new docks, new goals and new balls christening the inaugural Polo Bowl, the stage was set for an epic match.

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Sophomores and Generals

A quick note on the first part of my Color War article: In no way do I want to paint a picture of Adam Holtz as an actual villain. He is one of the coolest kids in camp. He simply made his reputation this year as an instigator, and “bad guy” was just the literary device I chose to use to describe him. Let’s not take anything out of context. That being said, though, there was a bounty on his head during the week. White players were legitimately trying to take him out during Flagrush. You have to love that.

And now, let’s keep the countdown going. I give you numbers 7 through 5!

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The War to Settle the Score

After I got about halfway done with this piece, I realized that it was way too long to expect people to read it all in one sitting. Luckily for me, it’s a Top 10 list and is relatively easy to shave down into separate posts.

Color War 2010 was a remarkable week. Headlined by two phenomenal Generals and an all-time great Bunk 14, Color War had the potential to be a memorable seven days of competition, and it more than lived up to those expectations. We plan all summer — some plan all year — for this week. The stakes are never higher than they are when mid-August hits and the camp splits in half. We pit friend against friend, brother against brother, 14er against 14er all for the opportunity to do and see something truly unforgettable. To be remembered years later for something you did in Color War — whether it be Matt Elder’s mad dash in 1998, Keith Agoada’s no-hitter in 1996, or Matt Shuman’s three-point barrage in 2005 — is the dream of all Avodians past and present.

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The Art of The Start

You can’t have a real Camp Avoda Color War without three things: a start, a finish, and a huge controversy somewhere in the middle. This year, I played a big part in all three — proud of the first two, not so proud of the third.

Everyone thinks that coming up with a Color War break is easy. They’re wrong. To start, you need to respect the intelligence of the campers. They know that it’s coming. They can read all the signs. If something is off even a little bit, a CW break can’t be far away. So you need to either catch them completely off-guard or dangle it in front of them long enough that they let their guard down. This year, we decided to drag it out a little. But first I need to talk about some great (and not so great) breaks of old…

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Confessions of a Head Judge

A few funny tidbits from tonight’s Spelling Bee:

  • Mr. Davis is stumbling through the rules, doing his best to explain how many different ways a kid can fuck this up. He wants to be clear about everything. Say it. Spell it. Say it. A word can only be misspelled by two contestants. If both spell it wrong, the next contestant will get a new word. It seems a bit excessive. He’s taken fifteen minutes to read through six rules. It’s going to be a long night. Continue reading

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